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Since its founding over 150 years ago, Pratt & Lambert® has stood for quality, leadership and innovation in the paint industry.

Pratt & Lambert® opened for business back in 1849 in Buffalo, NY with a product that dried linseed oil paint. Soon afterward, the company grew and established itself as a quality paint producer. In 1908, it opened its industrial research laboratory dedicated to developing new products and ensuring quality control.

Throughout the years, the Pratt & Lambert® name has been associated with high quality. In the 1930s it was recognized for making the finest, most durable alkyd (oil-based) products. In the 1950s the focus was on developing latex (water-based) products. During this time, Pratt & Lambert® also distinguished itself as the color leader in the paint industry with innovative calibration methods used to coordinate color schemes.

By constantly monitoring emerging technologies and raw materials, Pratt & Lambert® continued to develop top-of-the-line paint products. In 1980, it introduced premium Accolade™ brand paint. Accolade™ won recognition for its superior performance in the 1990s when a leading consumer testing organization called it “the best performing latex paint in the market today.”

In 1999, Pratt & Lambert® celebrated its 150th anniversary, marking more than a century of providing the finest paint products to the marketplace, with a renewed commitment to dealers, contractors and consumers. When it comes to quality, “Never compromise™”



The Atlas line of residential building materials are designed to give our customers value, design, and long lasting quality. Beginning in the early 80’s with a single asphalt shingle manufacturing facility in Meridian, MS, and with its purchase of four additional roofing plants in the mid 90’s, Atlas has grown to keep up with the demands of the ever-growing asphalt shingle and roll roofing industry. For almost 30 years Atlas has served homeowners, contractors, builders, and distributors by providing quality roofing materials, unmatched support, and a long term commitment to the industry. Atlas Roofing Corporation is not your typical, high profile shingle manufacturer: instead they strive to be different, unique, innovative, and most importantly accessible. Atlas products are designed to meet every market segment, the Atlas Signature Select full system approach is geared toward every contractor, and a full line of top load ready compatible roof accessories makes getting what you need a cinch!

Humble beginnings and consistent leadership have given Atlas a strong foothold in core markets across North America. A dedicated sales force and hard working manufacturing personnel allows Atlas to be the first supplier to respond to the peak demands of new construction and storm damage across the United States. Atlas is first to react to hurricane devastation on the Atlantic & Gulf Coasts, Tornados in the Midwest, and Hail Damage across the South. When the market calls, Atlas responds.

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