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Mike Johnson – Owner

Design Contracting by Mike Johnson. has been Fort Wayne’s premier roofing, painting and remodeling contractor for over 40 years!  In 1970, as a high school junior, Mike Johnson began painting houses out of necessity.  He went door to door offering to paint people’s homes to help provide for his family.  He worked diligently to complete each project on time, while going to school and being a varsity athlete.  As his high school career at Northside came to an end, his business was just getting started, and he decided to attend college locally so that he could continue to grow his business.

While at the University of St. Francis, Mike continued to paint houses, but his customer base had outgrown him, and before he knew it, he had over 20 employees working while he attended classes.  In 1975, Mike graduated from St. Francis with a degree in education, but decided that his calling was in the contracting world.  He found that the business he started as a means to survive had become his passion and his means to thrive. During this period, Mike  founded and incorporated Colonial Painting and JJ Contracting, Inc. which served over 5,0000 Allen County residences and businesses. Today, these entities have been combined into Design Contracting.

Mike continued to paint, but customers were asking him for more, so he decided to expand his business and became a Fort Wayne roofing contractor as well.  Once Design Contracting by Mike Johnson. began painting and roofing, it was a small step to begin complete room additions and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.  Mike assists each client with the design and approach that will produce the desired result at the most reasonable cost.  Mike’s passion was (and still is) to see a home owner come alive at the sight of a freshly painted home, completely remodeled kitchen, or brand new sunroom.  After each and every home improvement was complete, Mike would personally walk through the home to ensure that everything met his strict standards, and, on the rare occasion that something was missed, he would get the tools necessary out of his truck and correct the problem on the spot. Colonial Painting and JJ Contracting quickly became Fort Wayne’s top residential contractor because of Mike’s attention to detail and caring attitude.

Over 40 years later, Mike is just as passionate as he was the day he started, and even though Design Contracting by Mike Johnson. has grown considerably from its humble beginnings, each and every customer is treated like the first.  And Mike still does a personal walk through at the end of each project because he remembers that even though Design Contracting by Mike Johnson. is completing other jobs, the only one that matters, is yours!

Please call or send a request via the contact page to receive a list of our many satisfied customers!

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